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Lectern with mailbox…

Completely foldable - no tools necessary

Lighweight, quick and sturdy
Lectern with mailbox in one product! Great for collecting ballots, satisfaction polls or condolence letterns.

The tabletop has a cut out slit for letters and a laser engraved symbol. It is made out of satinized high end aclylic material and available in two sizes and colors. The origami letter box offers a lot of space to hold mail or ballots and is easy to unfold and assemble. We offer smart accessories to go with the lectern like pen-stands, reading lamp and tranportation bags.

tech. specs.:

Heigth : back/front 105/95 cm
Tops: 49 x 49 cm or 57 x 57 cm, black or white
Weight: with top 49 cm 6 kg, with top 57 cm 7 kg

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